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  •  Voted #3 among the top 15 Editors in Texas!  



  •  Multi-published author of historical fiction, romance, contemporary fiction, and non-fiction


  • Published by major houses: Penguin USA, HarperCollins, Kensington, and Harlequin.


Editorial Services


In order to determine if Anita Bunkley would be the appropriate editor for your manuscript, please email a sample of 1,000 words or less of your manuscript. 


To receive a Complimentary Edit of 1000 words or less of your manuscript, send your sample as a Word Attachment (.docx) to  anitabunkley2@gmail.com


Samples pasted within the body of an email will not be reviewed. 


    Please include the following in your sample request email:

  • Author's name for use in contractual agreements. (No pen names please)
  • The contact email address to use for all communication.
  • Phone # and website url
  • The title of your Book, the Genre, the total Word Count of the ms.
  • Publication objectives


Poetry, children's books, erotica, technical writing, stream of consciousness, or extreme/fantasy experimental writing are not accepted for editorial services. 


*Limit of one free editorial evaluation per author without a service contract.