Self-Edit Tips






Anita’s check list for

self-editing your manuscript.

  • Bear or bare?  Hear or  Here?  Put your ms. through Spell Check before submitting it to an editor or agent, but Don't rely on Spell Check to catch errors!


  • Where, when, why?  Track your story on a Chronology Chart to create a smooth timeline and eliminate redundancies.


  • Who's talking?  Clarify each character's point of view for proper pronoun use.

       Put dialogue in proper form, using commas and quotation marks correctly!


  •  Put characters' thoughts in Italics, not quotes.


  •      How long is too long?  Cut, combine, and eliminate words you do not need.


  •  Where's the punch?  Write in Active Voice, instead of Passive Voice whenever possible.


  •    Do not rush through major scenes. 


  •    Avoid missed opportunities for creating dramatic scenes that will  propel the story forward.


Self-editing your book before turning it over to a professional shows how much you care about your work, the story, and your readers.  

Dream it!

Write it!

Sell it!



With twenty-five years in the publishing industry, I understand the challenges authors face.  I will review your manuscript for spelling errors, consistent style, grammar, tone, and factual accuracy to ensure a well written book. I'd love to be a part of your journey to publication.  For info on my editorial services click on the Editorial Services Page of this website.          




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