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Swimsuit designer, Kacey Parker knows what women want.  Leon Archer, the man who owns the plant that will manufacture her designs, knows what Kacey needs. Kacey is an Easterner born and bred, a big city girl who thrives on deadlines, pressure and a fast paced environment. Leon has lived all of his life in the small Texas town of Rockport, where his family's factory employs most of the residents and the Archer name has clout.

When Kacey arrives at Archer Industries on the Texas Gulf Coast to oversee production of her new swimsuit line, she enters unknown territory. But as she and Leon move deeper into the process of turning her designs into real swimsuits, Kacey turns her heart over to the man whose sensual touch is far more dangerous than the machines he runs day and night.

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Spotlight on Desire

Lights... Camera... Attraction…

Soap star Jewel Blaine, has her own call sheet:

no romantic entanglements with actors, producers and especially not directors.

But when handsome stunt man-turned director, Taye Elliot

arrives on set all bets are off.

Can P&P’s leading lady trust him to call the shots while making love to him off camera?

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  Re-Release of Anita's First Novel:

                                            Emily, The Yellow Rose


Set during the mid-1830's, this is the saga of a serving girl who lived and loved amidst the turmoil of the Texas Revolution.  Little is known of the beautiful mulatto, Emily D. West and her mysterious lover, but their story lives on in the romantic ballad,

The Yellow Rose of Texas - a poignant folk song that flourishes today. 


The unforgettable cast of characters that springs to life to tell the tale include:

Emily D. West ... the woman whose beauty inspires a folk song, whose courage helps found a republic.

Joshua Kinney - the mysterious free spirit who must fight to prove his loyalty to Texas, risking everything for love.

General Santa Anna - the Mexican general who takes Emily captive and turns her life into legend.

General Sam Houston - the leader of the Texas Army, the man who crushes an enemy no one believed he could defeat and forges a nation from the chaos of war.

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