Editorial  Services Sample Contract



Cypress, TX





This letter serves as an editorial services agreement between Anita Bunkley (service provider) and ________   (Client) for editorial services on __________ (title of manuscript).


Anita Bunkley agrees to provide the Client:


 - Comprehensive assessment of story concept, including suggested revisions.

- Evaluation of story structure, format, and plot points.

- Assessment of characterizations, point of view, dialogue, and setting.

 - Assessment of use of research material.

- Line editing for consistency of word usage, syntax, style, and tone.

- Proofreading for typographical errors, punctuation, missing words, grammatical  errors.


The author will receive:


- A red-lined Manuscript that has been edited with visible Track-Changes in Microsoft Office Word.

- A complete copy edited manuscript via email within a timeframe determined by the size of the ms. and the amount of editing required.   

- An editorial review letter addressing items listed above.


The Client agrees to:


-Submit  the Manuscript as a text document (.docx) with a word count of ____ words.

- Submit the Manuscript as a double-spaced, 12 point font document- prefer Times New Roman.

- Submit a Manuscript to which s/he has contractual, legal, and/or proprietary rights.

- Pay fifty percent (50%) of the  Fee set forth below upon submission of the ms.

 - Pay all balances due within five (5)  business  days of receipt of final invoice.


 Upon payment of the balance, the ms. is returned to the author with Visible Track-Changes/show all markup so that the author can see the edits and complete the revisions on the manuscript.


 There will be No Disclosure of any information related to the manuscript in written, verbal, or electronic form to any source. The author retains all rights to the material.

No portion of the review letter or editorial notes may be used for promotional or endorsement purposes. The final version of the manuscript is the responsibility of the author.

No attribution of editorial service is to be stated within the publication or any website without the consent of Anita Bunkley



The Editorial Service Fee for ____________________________ (Title of work)  is $______________.

The service fee is based on information provided by the Client before a complete review of the document.

If the Manuscript contains more pages/words than previously stated, or requires substantially intensive editing, the amount is subject to change.

Note: ** One (1) follow-up read-through after the client’s input of the editorial changes and revision is available for an additional fee, determined by page count. The return document must be received within 60 days of the client’s receipt of the original edited manuscript in order to qualify for a second read-through. If the word count of the return document has increased by more than 5,000 words, additional charges will  be assessed.


  All fees are payable via PayPal ( to

 Do not send the entire manuscript or pay the deposit prior to my review of a sample, your acceptance as a client, and receipt of a contract. 

 Invoices are sent under separate email.


 No contract signature is required. Payment of the appropriate fee and submission of the manuscript infer acceptance of this contract

 Print out a copy for your records.

    Important Note:


Prior to Submission of Your Manuscript


If you are accepted as a client, do not submit a manuscript until you have received a contract for service, have received your deposit invoice, and have paid your deposit. 


Before submitting your manuscript for editorial services, please go through it carefully to prepare it for the editorial review. Do not send a partial manuscript, a first draft, or a rough draft.  First drafts, partials, and rough drafts will be immediately returned to the author and the deposit will be refunded.


Your manuscript should be as polished as you can make it. If I previously edited a sample, the accepted editorial changes/and or suggestions in the sample should be incorporated into the manuscript. 


1. Submit the manuscript as a double-spaced, 12 point font, Text Document (.docx) attachment.  Remove all photos, graphics, cover art, charts, etc.  I only require the manuscript text.


2. Include a cover page that contains the author’s name, title of the work, genre, word count, contact info for the author, and the publishing outlet/objective for the manuscript. 


 3. Clear out or incorporate any visible editorial marks, changes/comments from previous editors.


4. Use both Spell Check and Grammar Check on your document to search for errors.


5. Indentations for paragraphs and dialogue are standard. Please standardize the spacing/ indentation/format that you prefer throughout the manuscript.  I will not alter your spacing.


6.  Review all dialogue to make sure it is in the standard/proper format. Proper dialogue format is a MUST KNOW for any writer. A manuscript with incorrectly formatted dialogue will be immediately returned to the author without correction.  Please refer to dialogue formatting in your favorite novel or follow these two examples:


Correct:  “May I come in?  I see you are busy,” she asked... (use a comma, not a period inside the quotation mark, and keep “she”  in lower case because this is all one sentence). 


 Correct: “Sure, have a seat.  How can I help you today?”she asked.  (the question mark is inside the quotation mark.  Use lower case for “she” after the question mark, or an exclamation point, as this in one continuous sentence).


7. Check for a mixture of smart quotes (”) and straight quotes (") in the document. Decide which style you want to use and make the corrections. I do not correct quotation marks.


8.  Put characters’ thoughts in italics, not quotes. 

Example: This is a beautiful place, Tina thought. 


9. Put the titles of books, songs, movies, videos, magazines, etc., in italics, not quotation marks.  

            Example:  She was reading The New York Times


10.  Format the chapter and page breaks as you prefer to make them consistent.


My goal is to help you grow as a writer and assist in your journey as you move your literary project to a successful literary launch!





Any additional work that is contracted after the final payment is done at the rate of $50 per hour.